About me

The idea, to create and design handbags was not just a dream. Most people often imagine that one-day they will end up doing something that is not just a job, but pleasure, joy and fun! Creating and designing handbags give me the everlasting enjoyment.

As a woman, I always loved handbags, shoes and all accessories, without compromising exceptional quality and unique design. However, most of the times it took me a while to find what I need for the right price. Therefor I had an idea to design and manufacture them on my own. As I saw my own design, I felt the joy of creativity and construction, and I known immediately, this is my path.

It was always important to me to create some long-lasting items, which I could be proud of, and it offers me the joy when I see people wearing my products with love. My goal is to design a high quality, unique bags that would fill any day of any woman with love, joy and happiness. I also believe that my design is able to bring style and uniqueness to the sometimes not so personal accessories.

 Júlia Stadinger